Design Management Award

Branding Print

There are multiple aspects as to how a company is perceived from the outside. Financial stability, employee satisfaction, and supplier reliability can all contribute to the bigger picture, which can make an organisation credible. A new approach, and a new vantage point is required for a company to be eligible for the Design Management Award. This is a result which can not be directly measured, and surmises that the leaders of the company possess an elusive knowledge.

Year: 2016
Client: Hungarian Intellectual property Office

Our concept aims to capture the magical knowledge that is able to show a very complex structure to appear simple and clear from the outside. The graphical image has been built upon anamorphosis. A special structure has been modelled, which represents a DM ligature from one of the vantage points. The three-dimensional version of the logo is a striking shape, which has the potential to become an award, rather than just a two-dimensional trademark.

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