17th FINA World Championships & Danube Arena – Signage System

Branding Interior Print wayfinding

Designing the infonavigation elements of the main identity was particularly thrilling for us. In addition to designing the graphic environment and more than eighty pictograms, designing the user experience itself was the greatest work.
When constructing the icons, we adopted the design principles of the logo, but by slightly modifying it, we created a much more structured system. By fixing the tilt angles of the lines, adjusting the curves and the distances between the lines, we could address the most varied needs during the competition.

Year: 2017
Client: Market Építő Zrt.
Bp2017 Nonprofit Ltd

The architects have designed traffic routes so that athletes, fans, VIP guests, media staff, and organizers do not interfere with each other. During the design of the tables, we defined the critical nodes, which were provided by information according to the personal status of those in the building. After several rounds of content discussions, we modelled the labels in space first, and only then did we start the graphic design. For fast orientation, we used large door stickers that are well visible from a distance even in a crowd. Each door has a unique bilingual board with the code of the given room, also appropriate for emergency services. The signalling of the sectors, along with the navigation, was made easily understandable for the public in close cooperation with the interior designers; those labels appear not only on the information boards but also on the walls and the floor of the building.

The area of the event was divided into zones by security and logistics specialists, with access to various zones granted using accreditation cards. The external look of the cards was finalized according to FINA specifications.

Danube Arena

Accessing the event venues is a critical task when crowds are to be directed. The work commenced on the floor plans when only ground works took place on site, and in the final environment we refined a lot of data for good usability. The information was placed on the outdoor totem columns and the confirmation information was displayed on temporary tables.

Budapest & Balatonfüred

The infonavigation system did not stop at the venues; we also participated in the graphical design of the signalling system supporting urban transport. We were assigned to develop the pedestrian and car dashboards, and we worked on the graphical design of maps for the five venues. We simplified the map sketches according to the needs of visitors, and then added 3D illustrations that made it easy for them to determine their own location.

Local transfers were provided by buses and boats that were uniquely decorated for the event. For sportsmen and sportswomen, spectators and professional visitors, temporary bus stops and marinas have been set up by the organizers throughout the city. The organizers also entrusted us with the timetables and the signposting of the transport services. The comprehensive project for urban navigation has been undertaken jointly with Starski Communication Agency.

Attila Balázs


Fáma Budapest 20