Mr. Funk is a doughnut shop welcoming its sweet-toothed guests in the centre of Budapest*. Apart from designing the corporate identity, we were also tasked by creating the vision of the brand. The complex work contained elements such as packaging, interior design, vehicle decoration, as well as designing of the web interface. The brand personality is endomorph (round and sociable), which is reflected in the logo pair as two likable characters. In addition to the eponymous Mr. Funk and its business logo, Ms. Bagel is also present, who represents the sandwiches in the product range. The American style doughnut shop is a dream come true for our client , with its truly unique visual world  at both international and domestic environments.

*Note: The name of the doughnut store is based on a pun, as the pronunciation of the word “funk” is the same as that of the Hungarian word “fánk”, which means “doughnut.”

Year: 2017
Client: Mr. Funk

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