Szerencsi Cocoa Powder Packaging


After decades Nestlé decided to call for a tender to refresh the design of a traditional cocoa powder packaging, and our plan has been chosen. We had to keep the figure of the white cat with the red bow, and also our task was to show the difference between the traditional cocoa powder with 10 -12% cocoa butter content and a new, higher quality product with 20-22% cocoa butter content that has just been launched.

Year: 2015
Client: Nestlé

We decided to change the old 3D cat to a plane illustration to get a nicer shelf image. Also the specific character of the kitten was important. We didn’t want to use caricatures such as the Nesquik bunny because we would have obtained an infantile cartoon character and the customers are mainly housewives and this product is used for baking. By designing a more realistic image we would have ended up with a cat food packaging. On the other hand, excessive reduction would have required a premium product. Eventually, we have used a schematic, delicate, elegant kitten character which resembles more of a contemporary fairy tale illustration. This is well complemented by the elegant typeface; the cocoa powder label had to be sufficiently modern but we also wanted to include a certain mischievous playfulness in the form of a cat tail.

The photos of the cakes have also been redesigned as the customer could feel more comfortable with a cake prepared at home rather than with a confectioner’s masterpiece. The new premium product with its 20-22% cocoa butter content features a slice of Sacher dressed in gold, and the classic cocoa powder with 10-12% cocoa butter content shows two brownies accented by red colour.

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