Who we are

We are a European brand and communication design studio. We transform ideas into world-class designs with an emotional touch.

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Our mission, your story

We aid our clients in creating brands from the birth of an idea until the creation of the actual visual product. We create brand identities, branding strategies and communicational designs across all platforms.

How it works

Our in-house design team excels in branding and communication design.

How it works

Branding is like an interactive game. Together with our clients, we search the traits of the future identity for the values it holds, to whom and how it communicates. We believe that an honest and self-perceptive brand can genuinely tell its story verbally and visually. Our goal is to create a precisely positioned identity with affectionate traits.

Communication design is an arranged channel between our client and their target audience. At the beginning of the planning, we aim to understand the brand's identity and the selling points of our client's product or service to offer a unique and tailored visual language. Our goal is for your brand to be coherent on all platforms.

Meet the team

László Ördögh László Ördögh

László Ördögh

art director

Dávid Drozsnyik Dávid Drozsnyik

Dávid Drozsnyik

art director

Évi Bakacs Évi Bakacs

Évi Bakacs

graphic designer

Mátyás Beke Mátyás Beke

Mátyás Beke

graphic designer

Máté Boka Máté Boka

Máté Boka

project manager

Csaba Dobos Csaba Dobos

Csaba Dobos

graphic designer

Réka Eisenberger Réka Eisenberger

Réka Eisenberger

graphic designer

Viola Hajas Viola Hajas

Viola Hajas

interior & brand designer

Dorottya Gajdos Dorottya Gajdos

Dorottya Gajdos

brand designer

Kristóf Láng Kristóf Láng

Kristóf Láng

graphic designer

Zsuzsi Maurer Zsuzsi Maurer

Zsuzsi Maurer

project manager

Virág Kiss Virág Kiss

Virág Kiss

graphic designer

Péter Morvai Péter Morvai

Péter Morvai

graphic designer

János Pintér János Pintér

János Pintér

graphic designer

Dorka Perneczki Dorka Perneczki

Dorka Perneczki

graphic designer

Péter Szőke Péter Szőke

Péter Szőke

graphic designer

Helga Ragettli Helga Ragettli

Helga Ragettli

office manager

Ákos Ulrich Ákos Ulrich

Ákos Ulrich

graphic designer

Dóri Vágfalvi Dóri Vágfalvi

Dóri Vágfalvi

graphic designer

Zsófi Vida Zsófi Vida

Zsófi Vida

graphic designer