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LUA Resort

The hotel is the first in the market to offer an eco- and health-conscious 5-star luxury holiday experience in an elegant, private, all-inclusive environment where well-being is paramount.

Alice Hotel

Alice Hotel Budapest offers an authentic experience with a modern interior, where guests can get to know the traditional face of Budapest.


In addition to organizing contemporary and historical photography exhibitions representing national and international trends, Mai Manó House is also committed to the development and dissemination of the culture of Hungarian photography.

Tokaj gin packaging

Seven Hills Distillery is a small gin and whisky handcraft distillery in Tokaj-Hegyalja, where they make their premium small series spirits in a wonderful natural environment. Their first commercial product is Tokaj gin, available from the end of 2020.

Money Museum

The Hungarian Money Museum is an interactive exhibition space that presents the financial and monetary history of the country.

FELIX Kitchen and Bar

In FELIX, the characteristic symbols of the past and the present co-exist. Modern dishes, bold flavours, simple serving – all in an authentic setting.

Opera Gin

Opera Gin was named after the Neo-Renaissance Hungarian State Opera, which is one of the jewels of Budapest on Andrássy Avenue.

Fáma Budapest

Fáma Budapest Branding Online Print Year: 2017 Client: Fáma Budapest Fáma is a Budapest based restaurant. Fine dining in a relaxed